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“Why a blog on APAC distribution? Who is this blog for and what kind of topics can I find in it?”

These are the questions I expect my blog readers would ask me.

First of all, I should specify that we are talking about FOOD distribution, as this is my business and my personal interest. APAC ( i.e. Asia / Pacific ) is the region I’m living and working since 2012, distributing Italian premium products and since 2017 one of the top high-end producer, in food-service and retail, directly or through distributors.

Then let’s clearly state that this blog is both for professionals and consumers as the purpose is to share with the largest possible audience my experience and expertise on sales and distribution of premium Italian food ( BTB ) , while trying to give a better understanding of our products to the local consumer ( BTC ) , aspect that too often is underestimated by many Italian producers.

You will find at least a weekly article talking about different country / product / sales channel , including some technical (but not too much) explanation on production processes and simple and clear advices on how to recognize the quality of the Italian food you are buying.

I’ll surely involve experts in different fields, from top level managers to experienced Chef and producers in order to provide a 360° vision of the amazing world of Italian Food.

Keep follow me and stay in touch with me also on LinkedIn @francescomaioli290979

A presto !

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