Pesto Gnocchi : how to prepare a wonderful dish in less than 5 minutes

You may prefer “alla Sorrentina” or with ragù, in any case Potato gnocchi is an evergreen Italian classic, everybody knows.

By using the right products, it’s definitely possible to prepare at home, in less than 5 minutes, a delicious and tasty dish, in a simple , easy and practical way.

Let’s see how to prepare it :

The ingredient : no doubts , buy the best and keep going with De Cecco potato gnocchi , pesto and EVO fruttato. As I’m writing from Melbourne , I have asked Chef Michele from GenobileSaba to help me with everything

Step 1 : pour the pesto in a stainless steel mixing bowl .

Step 2: add some EVO. De Cecco pesto is produced 100% with EVO but you can add some . I strongly recommend Fruttato, a fruity and smooth EVO that perfectly pairs with Pesto .

Step 3: when the water is boiling , pour the Gnocchi . Remember, it takes only 2 minutes to cook them!

Step 4 : pour some of the boiling water in the stainless bowl, just a little and stir it till the consistency of the sauce is creamy enough.

Step 5 : pour the gnocchi in the bowl with the pesto, stir properly and consistently until sauce and gnocchi are well mixed.

Step 6 : shred parmigiano on top, and add some fresh basil if you wish. De Cecco pesto is produced with real aged parmigiano reggiano but definitely you can add some on top when the dish is ready .

Step 7 : serve your wonderful dish prepared in less than 5 minutes !

As usual , keep eating only the best, no doubt that De Cecco gnocchi , evo and pesto are the best you can find on the market !


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